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January 7, 2013

Our latest update comes with a very useful and nifty feature called ‘Out of Box’. Out of Box lets you sync any folder on your computer to IDriveSync without having to move it to the IDriveSync folder!

Data uploaded through Out of Box will only be synced to the cloud and you can access it anytime through the web or on your mobile devices. It is especially useful for data which you don’t access daily but want easy access to from any computer, such as your previous semester projects, photo and video collections, etc.

So, how does it work? It’s really simple – right-click any file or folder on your computer, navigate to IDriveSync and click ‘Add this folder to Out of Box’.


To manage Out of Box data, click on Out of Box from the IDriveSync menu.


From here you can add more folders or files to your Out of Box, disable sync for files/folders already added, and also download items synced from other computers. For example, if you synced a folder ‘Home Project’ on your Windows laptop and want to access it on your Mac, you can find your Windows laptop on the right side and navigate to ‘Home Project’, select, and click the ‘Download’ button.


For web access, log in to your account and simply click on ‘Out of Box’ at the top of the screen to view all the devices you have synced data from. Folders synced from your computers can be can be accessed, downloaded, and shared easily from here.

OOB fileview

Install our latest desktop clients and update your mobile apps now to take full advantage of all our new features!

Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks, as you might have noticed, we have been making many changes and updates to our website and today we are really excited because our all new referral system has just went live! This comes with storage incentives which all you guys can enjoy and also now you can accumulate more space than ever by just recommending IDriveSync to your friends. Here’s a summary of how this works and also below is a list of our last few releases. If any of you have tried any of these features, let us know what you think of them!

Referral incentives

You can now not only recommend IDriveSync to your friends through more channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc but when your friends join, both of you will earn a reward of 1GB storage which will be added to your account automatically. You can either send personal invites by email or you can share the referral link with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. We also give you an extra bonus of 500MB when you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! Here’s how you can start:

As soon as you log in to your account, click on the ‘Get more space’ icon.


There will be a variety of tasks here through which you can earn more storage. And the more tasks you complete, the more storage you earn!

You can even see how much space is left for you to earn in this graph:


Folder upload

You can now upload folders directly by either selecting Upload Folder option just beneath the Home button or by simply dragging a folder from your desktop and dropping it on our website. (Supported only on Chrome browser)


Gallery view

Our new Gallery view is beautifully designed to highlight all your photos by presenting them on a black background. You can click any image and see this display, and you can also perform actions on your file from here itself.


To view all images present in the folder, just click the ‘Gallery view’ icon in the menu options present below the picture.


Another way to reach the Gallery is by clicking this icon gridview present beside the search bar. Please note that this option appears only when there are image or video files present in the folder you are viewing.


Multiple folder download

This was one of our most requested features and as we promised you can now easily download folders from within your account – just right click on a folder or click the droparrow button to see the Download option.


You can also select multiple folders at a time and download them together as a zip file.


We hope you enjoy all these features. In addition, we have done numerous performance tweaks for various operations. And as always, keep following our blog for more updates!

Hi everyone!

We are super excited to announce something big today! We recently had a back to school promotion when we started giving 10GB of free storage to everyone and also upgraded everyone’s accounts from 5GB to 10GB. Now, to top this we are having more good news – yes, we are giving 25GB FREE storage to all students! All you need to do is create an account with a valid school email address, and once it is verified your account gets upgraded to hold 25GB space. There are no tricks involved, no games you need to play, no referrals you need to make, no points you need to earn.

Just sign up with your school email address and voila! 

Currently, this offer holds good for .edu, k12.state.us, ac.uk and schools.nyc.gov domain based email addresses.


We know how difficult it is for students every semester to keep juggling between different classes carrying loads of assignments, homework and test papers. So, we didn’t want to add another responsibility of worrying about storing all of that or finishing up available storage. And that’s why we released this awesome update to show our appreciation to all students who work so hard! You can now store all your assignments, projects, design documents, videos, and photos from that awesome field trip of yours without running out of storage. You can also easily share photos with your friends or documents within your team by either posting them on Facebook and Twitter or sending them a share link.

We also recently updated our Android and iOS apps again with new features, so don’t wait to download the apps and start exploring now!

There is so much more planned for all you people, so keep visiting our blog or like us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. Also, don’t forget to share this page with your friends, after all who wouldn’t love a lovely surprise.

Until our next awesome update,
Your friends at IDrivesync

Hello everyone!

We work hard to give you the best possible features for the most affordable prices and today we can proudly claim to be the most affordable cloud storage provider in the market! We are currently giving 10GB free accounts to all users and you can even increase this limit by simply recommending IDriveSync to your family and friends. If this storage is not sufficient for your needs, you can also upgrade to a 150GB account for just $5 per month or to a 500GB account for just $15 per month.

That’s right – we are that affordable!


Here’a a quick comparison of how we stack up against other cloud storage providers:

Service per month Free Storage Pricing Storage Normalized for $5/month
IDriveSync 10GB $5 /month 150GB 150GB
Dropbox 2GB $10/month 100GB 50GB
GoogleDrive 5GB $5/month 100GB 100GB
Skydrive 7GB $50/year 100GB ~120GB
Sugarsync 5GB $5/month 30GB 30GB

And it’s not all storage and no fun. We have awesome features to help you utilize your storage effectively – we allow you to sync your data on different devices (mac, windows, android, iOS), see past versions of your files, share through different social networks and through public links, and you could also simply drag and drop a file or folder to share with your Facebook contacts or create a group and share it to all of them at once!

We also released some cool new UI updates to our Android and iOS devices in the last few weeks and fixed performance related issues. So, download the apps if you haven’t already and stay tuned for more updates!

IDriveSync has a special offer for the new school year; for a limited time, signing up for a free IDriveSync account will create a new 10GB account. This amount of storage is useful to keep files up-to-date between laptops or tablets in the lecture hall and desktops back home or in the dorm. IDriveSync’s unique Visual Sharing™ interface will make collaborating with classmates quick and simple!


As part of ongoing efforts to improve the service, IDriveSync’s Visual Sharing™ has seen an upgrade. Before, an IDriveSync user would need to upload files to the website before being able to share files. Now, it’s possible to share files directly from the OS, just drag-and-drop a file onto an existing IDriveSync contact or group to start the share. Coupled with built-in Facebook integration makes IDriveSync an incredibly powerful and useful tool to sync and share.

In addition to the above, every IDriveSync account supports an unlimited number of devices to share the sync space. This allows students, and anyone else, to enjoy having easy access to all of their critical files on all of their devices, including Android and iOS mobiles. Since IDriveSync utilizes military-grade encryption, the security and privacy of user data is assured.

IDriveSync leads the cloud storage space in best-in-class pricing and performance. PC Magazine recently opined –  ‘Neat drag-n-drop interface for sharing on Web’ and followed it up with “Bottom Line – IDriveSync offers a big storage space for very little money.’

IDriveSync supports WebDAV protocol that makes it easy for students to open, edit and save directly to cloud using popular Apps like iWorks.

In the spirit of new, re-imagined IDriveSync, we’re giving away exciting prizes, daily! Our giveaway includes iPads, iTunes gift cards, IDrive Portable drives (320 GB), and IDrive branded t-shirts.


To participate, all you have to do is sign up for IDriveSync. Every signup will automatically be entered into a drawing to win our Prize of the Day while supplies last.

If you’re the lucky winner, your gift info is synced into your IDriveSync account as a PDF file ‘Gift.pdf’. E-mail support@idrivesync.com with confirmation to receive your gift.

Good luck!

Simple Rules:

To qualify, entrants must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States.

You must confirm the receipt of the Gift.pdf in your account to support@idrivesync.com within 48-hours. Please include a valid U.S. mailing address. We take your privacy very seriously and your information will be safe with us.

We limit one gift per household. All prizes will be shipped approximately 10 business days after receiving your reply.

This promotion and associated rules are subject to change or cancelation at any time without prior notice.

The recent address book leakage with a popular online storage, sync and sharing service provider highlights the privacy and security issues with cloud storage services in general.

This is exactly why we focus on privacy and security. Our services IDriveIBackup and the recently launched IDriveSync are built from the ground up using our own infrastructure, APIs, and a sharp focus on privacy and security, with AES 256 Bit encryption of data on storage with a unique key for every account, and a private key option (currently available for IDrive and IBackup)  that makes it impossible for anyone to have access to the data except the user.

This focus may mean we may be compromising on certain business opportunities, including being able to scan the data and present advertisements based on user data, or offer some viral features. But this is not a direction we will take. Our focus will be on providing the most private and secure online storage, backup, sync and access services.

Our focus and efforts have resulted in a user base of over 900k across our services, and we now store over 25 PetaBytes of data. We appreciate your support and trust.

Raghu Kulkarni, CEO

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