WorkSpaces make sharing so easy that the ‘Work’ part is silent.

October 16, 2013


File sharing can be tricky if you don’t have the proper tools to send and receive the files you need. It’s not like the old days when friends gathered at the library to work together on projects or co-workers met in the conference room to prepare for a presentation… These days, work is done online more and more frequently. Whether you’re putting together a photo collage for a friend or trying to complete a group project, finding the most efficient way to share files can save you time and frustration.

So, to help you out, we invite you to check out IDriveSync’s WorkSpaces!

What is it?

  • WorkSpaces is a share feature that mimics the idea of working with a group of people in a single room where everyone has access to information at once.
  • Each WorkSpace acts like a folder within your account and allows you to share files / folders with friends and coworkers.
  • Every member of the group has access to the contents of the WorkSpace.

What did you say? You’d like an example of how someone might use a WorkSpace? Oh, alright… there’s so many to choose from…

Let’s say Jenny is trying to organize a special gift for Tom and Sandra’s wedding. She wants to create a nice slideshow of the couple. She only has a few usable photos, but she knows that a bunch of their family and friends have pictures she could use. Rather than collecting a bunch to scan or having everyone clog up her inbox with attachments, she decides to create an IDriveSync WorkSpace called “Pictures of Tom and Sandra.” Jenny then invites all the friends and family that have pictures of the couple and, once they join, everyone can upload their photos to the WorkSpace. Now, Jenny can look through all the pictures and download only the ones she wants to use. All the photos are in a single location and she doesn’t have to search for them in various emails or try to remember where she saved them on her computer. She has everything she needs right in her WorkSpace.

Why use WorkSpaces?

  • It’s easy to share files within WorkSpaces and so simple to keep track of everyone’s work if used for a group project.
  • Any WorkSpace shared with you does not take up space in your account storage quota.
  • You can even check all actions and view a list of events that have been performed (i.e. Frank joined the WorkSpace, John uploaded a file, and Mary deleted a folder).
  • Owners of a WorkSpace can choose to give each member ‘read-only’ access (which means they can only view and download the WorkSpace and its contents) or ‘read-write’ access (which allows the member to view, download, upload, move, copy, and delete WorkSpace content).

If you’d like to know more, check out our WorkSpaces FAQs!

The place where everyone can exchange work in a common space
for improved sharing at a quicker pace!

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