The Inside Scoop on the notorious “Out of Box”

June 18, 2013


In case you missed its release, “Out of Box” has been insisting on its very own feature blog highlighting its awesomeness. We agreed only because “Out of Box” really is that spectacular. It’s really similar to when amazing bands continue to make comebacks and go on tour; and you just keep going to see them because you’re loyal to great rock performers and hardcore, stellar computer syncing features.

Due to its overwhelming level of cool, you may have missed some of the key details during the “Out of Box” debut tour. But like all truly great bands… I mean… features, it’s back to show off what it can really do for you.

You’ve been using IDriveSync to sync all your files to the cloud as well as multiple mobile devices, right?

No? What! Well then, you need to click here and sign up for your free IDriveSync account complete with 10GB of space and the “Out of Box” feature.

Yes? Phew. Good. Well, then maybe you’re asking:

What’s so great about IDriveSync’s “Out of Box” feature?

  • “Out of Box” is a folder (separate from the sync folder) in the cloud that holds your documents and files.
  • “Out of Box” keeps your valuable folders safe without forcing you to move them to the sync folder.

So, what?, you think. What’s the big deal if my files are moved to the sync folder?

Well, this is especially beneficial for those large and complex folder hierarchies or the intricately complicated filing systems located on your computer. You can keep those where they are, but still back them up to the cloud.

Why is this useful?

Let’s go back to our music analogy. Let’s say you have 94 GB worth of music on your computer. That’s a lot of music. You have it all organized in a very specific way, alphabetically by artist and all in their proper folders and in their appropriate places. It’s orderly and just the way you like it. Now, let’s say that, for whatever reason, you would only like to backup a few of these sub folders. Perhaps you really only need to backup The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie folders. If you store them to the sync folder, they’re taken out of your highly structured music folder hierarchy and placed in a separate location. NO!!!!! That’s awful. But, there is a way around this! You simply right click the folders you want to store in the cloud and select “Add to Out of Box.” Now The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie folders are synced to the cloud, but also remain in their organized home amongst their fellow musicians in your computer’s music folder. Your files are backed up and safely synced to the cloud without having to move or change locations.

  • Out of Box” is also great for storing large amounts of data or files that you don’t access, change, or update on a regular basis. You can still access and download from other locations if you need to, but you won’t be taking up space in the sync folder on your linked computers and mobile devices. It’s just in the cloud for whenever you may need it. Like, when you’re at your coworker’s lame party and the music is just unbearable, you can sign into your IDriveSync account, download The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie folders and save the night with your best Jagger dance moves.
  • You can access your “Out of Box” folder via any computer (Windows or Mac) or your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, and Android). However, because they are safe in the cloud and only synced to your computer, each time you want to access them from another location, you will need to download them to that computer or device. If you make changes on a downloaded version, you will need to add that to the “Out of Box” folder.
  • You can remove files or documents from the “Out of Box” folder at any time. It’s just a right click selection exactly like when you originally added the files.

Don’t miss out on the greatness of “Out of Box.” If you still have questions, check out the FAQ page. And make sure to tell your friends before they tell you about it. Then you can say, “I knew about ‘Out of Box’ back before they were even famous.” Sorry, I just can’t get off this band reference.

Whether your preference is rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, classical, oldies, new age, punk, funk, oldies, techno, disco… or whatever… just remember to always Rock Out (of Box).

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