One link to rule them all!

January 11, 2013

So here’s the problem, how many times have you guys wanted to share only a few photos from an album with few of your friends but still keep all the photos for yourself? Did you end up creating new folders, duplicated files, or multiple share links to solve this? Now with IDriveSync’s single link for multiple files share feature, this is as easy as it can get! What this means is that you can select multiple files (or folders) and share them using a single link, this would also allow your friends to view your shares easily.

Here’s how it works:

Select few files you want to share, and click on ‘Share’.Image

You can see that a single link has been generated for all these files. To see how your friends would see the album, click on Preview Link button.


You can see that only the selected files will appear.


And that’s how easy it is. So don’t ever fret about sharing your files again!

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2 Responses to “One link to rule them all!”

  1. […] IDriveSync has you covered. with Out of the Box Sync, better performance, better pricing, one link sharing for multiple data items and Time-Line view for media, we are trying to offer a unique and a […]

  2. this is nice to have feature. it has an edge over DropBox.

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