Thinking Outside the Box

January 7, 2013

Our latest update comes with a very useful and nifty feature called ‘Out of Box’. Out of Box lets you sync any folder on your computer to IDriveSync without having to move it to the IDriveSync folder!

Data uploaded through Out of Box will only be synced to the cloud and you can access it anytime through the web or on your mobile devices. It is especially useful for data which you don’t access daily but want easy access to from any computer, such as your previous semester projects, photo and video collections, etc.

So, how does it work? It’s really simple – right-click any file or folder on your computer, navigate to IDriveSync and click ‘Add this folder to Out of Box’.


To manage Out of Box data, click on Out of Box from the IDriveSync menu.


From here you can add more folders or files to your Out of Box, disable sync for files/folders already added, and also download items synced from other computers. For example, if you synced a folder ‘Home Project’ on your Windows laptop and want to access it on your Mac, you can find your Windows laptop on the right side and navigate to ‘Home Project’, select, and click the ‘Download’ button.


For web access, log in to your account and simply click on ‘Out of Box’ at the top of the screen to view all the devices you have synced data from. Folders synced from your computers can be can be accessed, downloaded, and shared easily from here.

OOB fileview

Install our latest desktop clients and update your mobile apps now to take full advantage of all our new features!

One Response to “Thinking Outside the Box”

  1. Snehal Masne Says:

    I have been using IDriveSync and I think it’s great! I can sync and share my data from all my devices and access it anywhere, anytime.

    Snehal Masne

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