25GB free storage for students – no games, no points, no referrals!

October 19, 2012

Hi everyone!

We are super excited to announce something big today! We recently had a back to school promotion when we started giving 10GB of free storage to everyone and also upgraded everyone’s accounts from 5GB to 10GB. Now, to top this we are having more good news – yes, we are giving 25GB FREE storage to all students! All you need to do is create an account with a valid school email address, and once it is verified your account gets upgraded to hold 25GB space. There are no tricks involved, no games you need to play, no referrals you need to make, no points you need to earn.

Just sign up with your school email address and voila! 

Currently, this offer holds good for .edu, k12.state.us, ac.uk and schools.nyc.gov domain based email addresses.


We know how difficult it is for students every semester to keep juggling between different classes carrying loads of assignments, homework and test papers. So, we didn’t want to add another responsibility of worrying about storing all of that or finishing up available storage. And that’s why we released this awesome update to show our appreciation to all students who work so hard! You can now store all your assignments, projects, design documents, videos, and photos from that awesome field trip of yours without running out of storage. You can also easily share photos with your friends or documents within your team by either posting them on Facebook and Twitter or sending them a share link.

We also recently updated our Android and iOS apps again with new features, so don’t wait to download the apps and start exploring now!

There is so much more planned for all you people, so keep visiting our blog or like us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. Also, don’t forget to share this page with your friends, after all who wouldn’t love a lovely surprise.

Until our next awesome update,
Your friends at IDrivesync

4 Responses to “25GB free storage for students – no games, no points, no referrals!”

  1. John Morris Says:

    What about those of us who have already created an account with our legitimate school address?

  2. Ryan Bullard Says:

    I signed up and only got 10GB????

    • idrivesync1 Says:

      25 GB free storage space is valid only when signed-up using ( .edu, k12.state.us, ac.uk and schools.nyc.gov ) domain based email addresses.

      For accounts signed-up using other email address ( gmail, etc ), you may refer your friends in order to avail extra free space:
      – Login to your IDriveSync account and click ‘Get free space’
      – Click on the ‘Refer Friends’ option.
      – Select contacts from Gmail / Yahoo or enter email addresses to send invites.

      You can also use the referral link to share it on social networks.

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