Affordable cloud storage provider!

September 24, 2012

Hello everyone!

We work hard to give you the best possible features for the most affordable prices and today we can proudly claim to be the most affordable cloud storage provider in the market! We are currently giving 10GB free accounts to all users and you can even increase this limit by simply recommending IDriveSync to your family and friends. If this storage is not sufficient for your needs, you can also upgrade to a 150GB account for just $5 per month or to a 500GB account for just $15 per month.

That’s right – we are that affordable!


Here’a a quick comparison of how we stack up against other cloud storage providers:

Service per month Free Storage Pricing Storage Normalized for $5/month
IDriveSync 10GB $5 /month 150GB 150GB
Dropbox 2GB $10/month 100GB 50GB
GoogleDrive 5GB $5/month 100GB 100GB
Skydrive 7GB $50/year 100GB ~120GB
Sugarsync 5GB $5/month 30GB 30GB

And it’s not all storage and no fun. We have awesome features to help you utilize your storage effectively – we allow you to sync your data on different devices (mac, windows, android, iOS), see past versions of your files, share through different social networks and through public links, and you could also simply drag and drop a file or folder to share with your Facebook contacts or create a group and share it to all of them at once!

We also released some cool new UI updates to our Android and iOS devices in the last few weeks and fixed performance related issues. So, download the apps if you haven’t already and stay tuned for more updates!

2 Responses to “Affordable cloud storage provider!”

  1. Its awesome. Happy to see mac,windows,android and iOS support. Great pricing, good to go.

  2. iNotes4You Says:

    I agree. iDriveSync is really a good offer and there are no performance problems as is the case with GoogleDrive and SkyDrive. The iOS-App has a plain design and is easy to use.

    But there are some features missing:

    (1) Download of files to a local folder like My Documents is not available.
    (2) If a file is handled over to iDriveSync and uploaded, the original filename is not preserved.
    (3) Performance when opening downloading files is poor.
    (4) For PDFs a slider for browsing the document is missing.
    (5) The ‘Offline View’ feature uses the standard symbol for ‘Favourites’. Thats an infraction against the standards of iOS-UIs.

    To put my criticism in perspective:
    I would recommend iDriveSync due to pricing and many other indispensable features, which gives a good user experience. The competitors are not perfect either.

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