IDriveSync is Back and Better than Ever!

July 16, 2012

We’ve been telling you we had something big coming and are proud to announce the re-imagined IDriveSync, our online syncing and sharing service. IDriveSync has been completely redesigned to include new features and a user interface designed to deliver the best and most secure way to access data across multiple computers, tablets and smartphones.


We know what you’re thinking, “Why on earth would the world need another Sync service? What makes IDriveSync so different?” The answer – We own our cloud infrastructure, this provides us some unique opportunities to provide better privacy, performance and other features than the rest.

First, let’s start with privacy.  With IDriveSync, all your data is encrypted with a unique key utilizing military grade encryption – and every account gets its own unique key. And soon we will be able to offer enhancements to support user defined private key encryption that provides even more privacy and security for your data.

Furthermore, our new service is faster, easier, more secure and more integrated than any other sync service, and did I mention that it is more affordable than most competing services? In fact, there’s a free 5 GB plan and a 150GB plan costs only $4.95/Month!

Other new features include Visual Sharing™, a drag-and-drop online interface for sharing files, and Facebook integration that allows users to link their Facebook account for easy access to contacts and sharing of photos or videos with Facebook friends.

And for the technically minded, we built this service from ground up using APIs built around our EVS platform (which forms basis for our online backup products, IDrive and IBackup) that we’ve made publicly available to the community. Additionally, we have built-in support for the WebDAV protocol so you can access your data from iWorks and other WebDAV supported platforms and applications.

Now that you’ve spent a few seconds reading this, you might as well spend a few minutes and give us a test drive and see what life is like when you live outside the “Box.”

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