File sharing can be tricky if you don’t have the proper tools to send and receive the files you need. It’s not like the old days when friends gathered at the library to work together on projects or co-workers met in the conference room to prepare for a presentation… These days, work is done online more and more frequently. Whether you’re putting together a photo collage for a friend or trying to complete a group project, finding the most efficient way to share files can save you time and frustration.

So, to help you out, we invite you to check out IDriveSync’s WorkSpaces!

What is it?

  • WorkSpaces is a share feature that mimics the idea of working with a group of people in a single room where everyone has access to information at once.
  • Each WorkSpace acts like a folder within your account and allows you to share files / folders with friends and coworkers.
  • Every member of the group has access to the contents of the WorkSpace.

What did you say? You’d like an example of how someone might use a WorkSpace? Oh, alright… there’s so many to choose from…

Let’s say Jenny is trying to organize a special gift for Tom and Sandra’s wedding. She wants to create a nice slideshow of the couple. She only has a few usable photos, but she knows that a bunch of their family and friends have pictures she could use. Rather than collecting a bunch to scan or having everyone clog up her inbox with attachments, she decides to create an IDriveSync WorkSpace called “Pictures of Tom and Sandra.” Jenny then invites all the friends and family that have pictures of the couple and, once they join, everyone can upload their photos to the WorkSpace. Now, Jenny can look through all the pictures and download only the ones she wants to use. All the photos are in a single location and she doesn’t have to search for them in various emails or try to remember where she saved them on her computer. She has everything she needs right in her WorkSpace.

Why use WorkSpaces?

  • It’s easy to share files within WorkSpaces and so simple to keep track of everyone’s work if used for a group project.
  • Any WorkSpace shared with you does not take up space in your account storage quota.
  • You can even check all actions and view a list of events that have been performed (i.e. Frank joined the WorkSpace, John uploaded a file, and Mary deleted a folder).
  • Owners of a WorkSpace can choose to give each member ‘read-only’ access (which means they can only view and download the WorkSpace and its contents) or ‘read-write’ access (which allows the member to view, download, upload, move, copy, and delete WorkSpace content).

If you’d like to know more, check out our WorkSpaces FAQs!

The place where everyone can exchange work in a common space
for improved sharing at a quicker pace!

It’s here! It’s finally here! No need to wait! IDriveSync presents its app for Win8!

It’s rad, neato, cool, nifty… alright, let’s just get to the good stuff:

Now IDriveSync has the great features that you already love available for Windows8!


With the new Win8 app you can:

  • Browse and manage the files and folders in your IDriveSync account
  • Easily share files with just a few taps
  • Upload photos from your gallery
  • Search all the folders in your account to find files easily

And for all the Facebook lovers out there, the Win8 app also has Facebook Integration built right in so you can share directly with your friends! You can also login to your account with the ‘Facebook Connect’ option.


All of your files are in sync and right at your Windows8 fingertips.

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s super great.

So, don’t be late, download now! It’s FREE! IDriveSync for Win8 is top rate!




*We apologize for all the rhymes. It’s the emanation after much anticipation.


In case you missed its release, “Out of Box” has been insisting on its very own feature blog highlighting its awesomeness. We agreed only because “Out of Box” really is that spectacular. It’s really similar to when amazing bands continue to make comebacks and go on tour; and you just keep going to see them because you’re loyal to great rock performers and hardcore, stellar computer syncing features.

Due to its overwhelming level of cool, you may have missed some of the key details during the “Out of Box” debut tour. But like all truly great bands… I mean… features, it’s back to show off what it can really do for you.

You’ve been using IDriveSync to sync all your files to the cloud as well as multiple mobile devices, right?

No? What! Well then, you need to click here and sign up for your free IDriveSync account complete with 10GB of space and the “Out of Box” feature.

Yes? Phew. Good. Well, then maybe you’re asking:

What’s so great about IDriveSync’s “Out of Box” feature?

  • “Out of Box” is a folder (separate from the sync folder) in the cloud that holds your documents and files.
  • “Out of Box” keeps your valuable folders safe without forcing you to move them to the sync folder.

So, what?, you think. What’s the big deal if my files are moved to the sync folder?

Well, this is especially beneficial for those large and complex folder hierarchies or the intricately complicated filing systems located on your computer. You can keep those where they are, but still back them up to the cloud.

Why is this useful?

Let’s go back to our music analogy. Let’s say you have 94 GB worth of music on your computer. That’s a lot of music. You have it all organized in a very specific way, alphabetically by artist and all in their proper folders and in their appropriate places. It’s orderly and just the way you like it. Now, let’s say that, for whatever reason, you would only like to backup a few of these sub folders. Perhaps you really only need to backup The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie folders. If you store them to the sync folder, they’re taken out of your highly structured music folder hierarchy and placed in a separate location. NO!!!!! That’s awful. But, there is a way around this! You simply right click the folders you want to store in the cloud and select “Add to Out of Box.” Now The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie folders are synced to the cloud, but also remain in their organized home amongst their fellow musicians in your computer’s music folder. Your files are backed up and safely synced to the cloud without having to move or change locations.

  • Out of Box” is also great for storing large amounts of data or files that you don’t access, change, or update on a regular basis. You can still access and download from other locations if you need to, but you won’t be taking up space in the sync folder on your linked computers and mobile devices. It’s just in the cloud for whenever you may need it. Like, when you’re at your coworker’s lame party and the music is just unbearable, you can sign into your IDriveSync account, download The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie folders and save the night with your best Jagger dance moves.
  • You can access your “Out of Box” folder via any computer (Windows or Mac) or your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, and Android). However, because they are safe in the cloud and only synced to your computer, each time you want to access them from another location, you will need to download them to that computer or device. If you make changes on a downloaded version, you will need to add that to the “Out of Box” folder.
  • You can remove files or documents from the “Out of Box” folder at any time. It’s just a right click selection exactly like when you originally added the files.

Don’t miss out on the greatness of “Out of Box.” If you still have questions, check out the FAQ page. And make sure to tell your friends before they tell you about it. Then you can say, “I knew about ‘Out of Box’ back before they were even famous.” Sorry, I just can’t get off this band reference.

Whether your preference is rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, classical, oldies, new age, punk, funk, oldies, techno, disco… or whatever… just remember to always Rock Out (of Box).

We know there’s always a concern about privacy when you upload stuff to cloud services. Luckily, we’ve got a way for you to keep your digital goodies under lock and key. Literally.

New accounts with IDriveSync now have the option of Private Key Encryption. This new feature will allow users to encrypt their data with AES-256bit encryption with a key known only to them. That means no-one but you can access it. Not us. Not hackers. Not the government. Not even the Borg.

Well, maybe the Borg, but even they’d have trouble.


Here’s how it works
Think of encrypted data like a jigsaw puzzle. Unencrypted, the puzzle is complete and easy to understand. Encryption jumbles the pieces all up, but puts numbers on the back so they can be reorganized easily. We’re using AES-256 bit encryption, which is basically the most difficult jigsaw puzzle ever devised. Private Key Encryption means those numbers are invisible to everyone, except the person with the key (that’s you!).

How to get started
When you create a new account, you’ll have the option for Default Encryption or Private Key Encryption. (what’s the difference?).

Once you select Private Key Encryption, you’ll be asked to enter a key. The key is like a password; it can be anything you want it to be, but you should keep a copy of it in a safe place or else you’ll lose access to your data. We don’t store your key on our servers, so if you lose it… It’s gone.


You’ll be prompted for that key the next time you log in (See? We told you not to forget it!) so that we can retrieve your data. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to access your account through your connected devices (like the IDriveSync phone or desktop app) if you are already logged in on those devices.


You can create private encrypted accounts from your iOS and Android apps as well.

If it is not stored on our servers, how is it verified?
IDriveSync does not store your private encryption key directly on its servers. We use a special technique to further encrypt your private encryption key so that it can be used only for verification purposes and cannot be retrieved by anyone.

Do we store the key on devices?
On your Mac and Windows machines and mobile devices, your private encryption key is stored encrypted for repeat usage so that you don’t have to provide the key every time you access.

How sharing works
Since your data is stored in an encrypted format with a key known only to you, you cannot share your data as is. However, by allowing us to store an encrypted version of your private key (with explicit permission), seamless sharing of files and folders can be enabled so recipients can access and view data shared with them.

If private key is stored for sharing (with permission), what happens next?

You have the option to clear the encryption key stored for sharing purposes.

After you disable all shared access to your account data from the share management screen on IDriveSync’s website, you will have an option to clear the encryption key from our database. To do this, log in to your account and go to Activity > Shares. From there you can delete all share activity by clicking the delete-icon beside each shared file or folder.


Once all shares are deleted, you will be presented with an option to clear your encryption key.


APIs now support Private key Encryption
IDriveSync now supports Private Key Encryption for its publicly available APIs as well. Here is an example of a REST API call to upload a file using private encryption.

Syntax for ‘uploadFile’ API:

https:// <server address>/evs/uploadFile

Server address:
Use getServerAddress API to retrieve the IDriveSync server address.

HTTP method: POST

Input parameters:

id username or email address
pwd password
pvtkey private encryption key is an optional parameter and is not required if you opt for the default encryption key during your IDriveSync account sign up
p location (folder path) in your account where the file will get uploaded.

For more details on APIs, please see IDriveSync APIs.

We think IDriveSync now provides the best option for privacy and security with the username / password based access to cloud storage and sync, and the optional private key encryption. So if you need place to store your top secret information (like, say, a cache of video and pictures of a popular human activity that might raise a few eyebrows if found on your hard drive) with absolute privacy, IDriveSync has you covered. With Out of Box Syncbetter performance, better pricing, single link sharing for multiple data items and timeline view for media, we are trying to offer a unique and a compelling solution.

Feel free to share your feedback!

IDriveSync Team

IDriveSync is excited to announce participation in the most comprehensive forum on information security – the annual RSA Conference at San Francisco, from February 25th to Mar 1st.  Come visit us at booth 359 at Moscone center.


We will be making some key announcements that will transform the way people think about online data synchronization. We will also be featuring our latest product offerings that are truly pushing forward the future of online data storage.

It will be a perfect opportunity for you to come and check out if our online services are a viable option for your data storage and sync needs. We will be happy to help you with your queries.

If you’re not going to be at the event, you can still receive the latest updates from the event on our twitter page, @IDrive_Online.

We recently released ‘Timeline’ for photos which makes your photo viewing experience better than ever. Timeline sorts all photos and videos in your account synced from all your devices chronologically by months, and displays them on our beautifully designed gallery. Now you can easily find that photo which was taken during the summer vacation at your aunt’s place or a video taken at your friend’s new year party.

Here are few tips on how to use this feature:

On the Home Page, click on the ‘Timeline’ icon.


You will now be able see photos displayed neatly by month. You can click on any photo to enlarge it and can continue browsing through all of them.

You can also select one or more pictures and share, download, move or delete from here itself.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more new features!

One link to rule them all!

January 11, 2013

So here’s the problem, how many times have you guys wanted to share only a few photos from an album with few of your friends but still keep all the photos for yourself? Did you end up creating new folders, duplicated files, or multiple share links to solve this? Now with IDriveSync’s single link for multiple files share feature, this is as easy as it can get! What this means is that you can select multiple files (or folders) and share them using a single link, this would also allow your friends to view your shares easily.

Here’s how it works:

Select few files you want to share, and click on ‘Share’.Image

You can see that a single link has been generated for all these files. To see how your friends would see the album, click on Preview Link button.


You can see that only the selected files will appear.


And that’s how easy it is. So don’t ever fret about sharing your files again!

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